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The Roster is Set

Eduardo Sánchez pitching in 2011 at Miller Par...

Bumped for Scott Linebrink. Yes, that Scott Linebrink.

Per Jenifer Langosch, the opening day roster is set:

Starting pitchers (5): Kyle Lohse, Jaime Garcia, Adam Wainwright, Lance Lynn, Jake Westbrook

Relievers (7): Jason Motte (closer), Fernando Salas, Marc Rzepczynski, J.C. Romero, Kyle McClellan, Mitchell Boggs, Scott Linebrink

Catchers (2): Yadier Molina, Tony Cruz

Infielders (6): Lance Berkman, Daniel Descalso, Tyler Greene, Rafael Furcal, David Freese, Matt Carpenter

Outfielders (5): Matt Holliday, Jon Jay, Carlos Beltran, Erik Komatsu, Shane Robinson

Once upon a time, I used to get a little animated when a certain player gets seemingly snubbed from making the 25 man roster. Bryan Anderson would be one such snub this year after the tremendous spring he had, and his status of being a former top prospect. But when you look at the big picture, the difference between who is the back-up catcher is pretty negligible. Molina will probably catch 135-140 games this year, and if he gets hurt then Anderson is there. The difference between Cruz and Anderson probably just isn’t that great all things considered, so I see no reason for anyone to start FireMikeMatheny.com. (You can’t anyway, it’s already been registered! Why?)

The one decision that I’m a little frustrated with his Scott Linebrink over Eduardo Sánchez. Granted, Sánchez is a phone call away. He does have some rough edges still, but judging by his general filthiness and his projections, he’s the far superior arm. As someone who has spent a bit of time in the past watching the White Sox no thanks to MLB.com’s archaic blackout restrictions, Linebrink was the last pitcher I wanted to see come in a close and late situation. OK, so maybe he was a close second to Tony Pena.  Linebrink suffered 15 “meltdowns” that particular season, and it is not as if his stuff has improved since then. Out of 205 pitchers between the 2009-2011 season who have pitched a minimum of 80 innings, Linebrink has 6 more meltdowns than he has shutdowns, tied for 4th worst in baseball and putting him in some dubious company. (For more on what shutdowns and meltdowns are, go here.)

Name SD-MD
Blaine Boyer -11
Brian Tallet -9
Alex Burnett -7
Cristhian Martinez -6
Tim Byrdak -6
Scott Linebrink -6
Chad Gaudin -5
Luis Ayala -5
Jason Berken -5

I’d rather take my chances with Sánchez, hopefully he figures things out in short order. In the meantime, here’s wishing Linebrink is used as sparingly as possible.


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