Erik Manning

G.K. Chesterton Refuted Hilary Rosen a Century Ago

“To put the matter shortly, a woman is generally shut up in a house with a human being at the time when he asks all the questions that there are, and some that there aren’t. It would be odd if she retained any of the narrowness of a specialist. Now if anyone says that this […]

The Stumbling Block of the Resurrection

Back when I held more of an agnostic position towards the “God question”, I used to view Easter as a harmless folly. If people wanted to believe that Jesus was somehow alive and in their hearts, I figured “why not let the kids can have their fun?” After all, various religions had their holidays celebrating […]

Does Jon Jay Have a Deal With the Luck Dragons?

Jon Jay remains something of a mystery to fans of the Cardinals.  The mystery is this: Is he a very lucky hitter, or a good one? Over 835 plate appearances Jay has a BABIP of .342. For the uninitiated, BABIP stands for batting average on balls in play. Typically around 29-31% of the balls a […]

The Roster is Set

Per Jenifer Langosch, the opening day roster is set: Starting pitchers (5): Kyle Lohse, Jaime Garcia, Adam Wainwright, Lance Lynn, Jake Westbrook Relievers (7): Jason Motte (closer), Fernando Salas, Marc Rzepczynski, J.C. Romero, Kyle McClellan, Mitchell Boggs, Scott Linebrink Catchers (2): Yadier Molina, Tony Cruz Infielders (6): Lance Berkman, Daniel Descalso, Tyler Greene, Rafael Furcal, David Freese, Matt Carpenter Outfielders […]

Lawrence Krauss has Plenty of Nothing

Lawrence Krauss is a brilliant theoretical physicist, but at times a terrible logician, and philosopher of science David Albert shows us why in his review of Krauss’ new book “A Universe From Nothing”, which appears in the NY Times. In the book Krauss, an outspoken critic of belief in God, argues that the origin of […]

Carpenter’s Nerves

Chris Carpenter must hate election years, because during the last three of them he has some sort of nerve issue that slows him down. The news of his injury is less than shocking, yet it’s still a bummer. Carpenter is 36, threw a zillion innings last year and has a bit of an injury history, […]